I don't know about your “kid in you” but mine (and my children too) feel free outdoors. The flow of creativity can escape. Energy is found. Appreciation takes place and how innately we are reminded that we are alive, living, surrounded by other living entities...many of them in which work together, in harmony, for the sake of our existence.

Studies now show that the bacteria in soil is good for us. “What we think happens is that the bacteria activate immune cells, which release chemicals called cytokines that then act on receptors on the sensory nerves to increase their activity,” says Christopher Lowry, a neuroscientist at the University of Bristol in England (1). Cytokines are part of a chain reaction, the end result of which is the release of serotonin(2). And serotonin is known as a feel good hormone (3).

Whether its healthy or not, worrying about getting dirty is no fun. And who really cares when you have a nourishing, sensory experience awaiting you afterwards that is just as invigorating or therapeutic as you choose.


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