This Bar Soap was inspired by the wonderful scent of fennel and likewise aniseed.  Traditionally aniseed tea was made to help soothe stomach ailments and aid in the production of the nursing mama's milk flow.  This tea is known to some as yansoon and hence the name of this holistic bar soap.  Many find it to ease digestion and historically, fennel was used to strengthen the nerves and bestow courage.  Therefore I call it a warrior's go-to infusion.


We crush the aniseed and infuse sweet almond oil with it.  Then add 100% pure therapeutic grade organic sweet fennel and a touch of 100% pure therapeutic grade benzoin essential oil.  For more information about the wonderful benefits of benzoin see this post here.  Fennel is remarkable for soothing the body as well as the mind.  It is both astringent and cleansing.  And with the crushed aniseed, this bar soap also ex-foliates.  Fennel is known to be helpful for mature skin as well as balancing dry or oily skin types.  Thus it can be used on most skin types and it makes a good choice for the changing of seasons when your skin also changes with the environment.  Additionally fennel is considered a beneficial oil for maintaining or promoting youthful skin.


And as always, our base ingredients are purposely sought out for their own holistic properties.


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Personally, this unusual soap bar seems to inspire me to align with my values and integrity as all of our products promote aromatherapy.  But note it does carry a black licorice smell.

TribalMama's soaps are not your average “fragrant” type soaps.  We formulate our skin care products for actual skin care.  Hence the scents may be very different than you are use to.  But more often than not even if you think you are adverse to a certain scent, using our natural bar soap is a very pleasing experience.  Because we use real ingredients, NO synthetics or artificial anything, your regular bathing experience turns into one more like that of a get-a-way, to a place of rejuvenation.  Whether that be by restoring peace, nourishment and or vigor, we have a holistic soap bar formulated for you. 


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