Experience High-Quality Service at MMD Shops Across Southern California

Begin a journey into wellness with the exquisite service of MMD Shops, a highly recognized cannabis dispensary established in 2006. With a dedicated commitment to providing high-quality cannabis products, MMD Shops has successfully set a higher standard in the competitive industry.

Our Locations

With four strategically located dispensaries across Southern California, every visit is a convenient and unique experience. Our dispensaries in Hollywood, CA, North Hollywood, CA, Marina Del Rey, CA, Long Beach, CA, and Redwood City, CA, are all equipped with an extensive selection of top-tier products.

Designed with You in Mind

At MMD Shops, every detail is thoughtfully considered with our customers in mind. Not only do we offer a diverse range of potent and effective cannabis products, but we also strive to ensure a welcoming and educational experience. Our knowledgeable and approachable staff ensures that your queries are dealt with utmost ease and expertise. Join us at MMD Shops, and redefine your cannabis dispensary experience.